Multi-lingual Customer Service and Technical Support

We can set up a multilingual or bilingual call center for your customer service, telemarketing and technical support.

The Philippines is a multicultural country. It is not rare to find multilingual professionals that can communicate in Asian and European languages. In fact, one can assume that most Philippine professionals are multilingual.

As the global customer service outsourcing market continues to expand, businesses are encouraged to branch out to non-English-speaking markets. The benefits of having one customer service agent who can speak in English and another one in Spanish can be enormous to an online or global business.


• French
• German
• Spoken Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese)
• Japanese
• Italian
• Spanish
• Korean
• Bahasa Indonesia
• Bahasa Malaysia
• Thai
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All agents who handle such languages are fluent both in speaking and in writing. Multi-lingual support is not only exclusive for calls. 


• Email support
• Live chat
• Social media
• Technical support
• Transcription services
• Back office tasks

It is not uncommon that businesses already outsourcing to Customer Support Philippines will also expand on their service requirements in our offices. We handle a variety of contact center and business processes and will make sure new and existing clients are covered throughout expansions, changes in business model and target markets.


When it comes to multilingual technical support, the Philippines is second to no other location in the globe. The most common non-English support for help desk and IT outsourcing are spoken Chinese and Spanish. Other Asian language support are also available in our multicultural location.

All CSP agents are well-educated and highly trainable. As usual, our company is proud of our agents’ customer service skill. Expect them to be well-spoken, polite and empathetic to your clients and customers.

If you believe Customer Support Philippines can help your small or medium-sized business grow, go ahead and contact us. We would be more than happy to help you out and discuss and then customize the services we provide.