Blended Call Center (Inbound/Outbound)

Customer Service Call Center for Inbound and Outbound

When it comes to highly competitive industries, customer service makes all the difference. This is why companies strive to offer the best kind of support possible. Effective customer service helps with customer retention, as well as improves customer satisfaction.

While there are companies that have in-house call centers, there are those that prefer to outsource the process to service providers. Doing so lets them expand operations and tap the service provider’s talent pool without having to make hefty investments. This also gives them the opportunity to leverage the external call center’s technology and best practices.

Outsourcing to offshore hubs like the Philippines helps companies scale down on costs without having to neglect customer service. The country is globally renowned for voice services. Local call centers operate 24/7 throughout the year, including national and international holidays.

When looking into inbound call handling, there are two types of call centers that companies can outsource to.Blended Call Center (Inbound/Outbound)

1. Inbound Call Center

This kind of call center handles calls from customers. An inbound call center might make use of automated response and self-service systems in order to manage calls initiated by customers. It offers the following services:

• Live answering
• Customer support
• Troubleshooting
• Order taking and processing
• Account management
• Cancellations
• Returns

2. Blended Call Center Operations

There are call centers that offer both inbound and outbound services. These tend to be cost-effective service providers that can take on several call types to and from customers. Companies with varying needs and business requirements tend to outsource to call centers that can handle blended operations.

The Benefits of Outsourcing to a Customer Service Call Center

Regardless of what type of call center you choose, outsourcing to Filipino service providers leads to drastic cost savings. It also delivers results on a consistent basis. It also helps strengthen customer service on all fronts.

Philippine call centers have the technology and expertise to handle a high volume of calls. Likewise, they have the capacity to cope with seasonal peaks and valleys in call volume. They can hire, manage and supervise agents on your behalf, making sure that they perform at optimum rates.

They can render the following services:

• General inbound call handling
• Order taking
• Answering services
• Chat support

You simply need to decide on the scale of operations that can best meet your business requirements. You may choose to work with a small call center with streamlined processes, as well as a large one that can expand or reduce staff depending on the needs of your company. If you are only looking for a call center that caters to late-night calls, try our after-hours customer support.