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Customer Support Philippines is one of the premier customer call centers in the Philippines, catering to large-scale enterprises and small and medium businesses (SMBs) engaged in manufacturing, consumer electronics, technology, and consumer electronics. We serve organizations from all over the world.

Offering a fully integrated 24/7 call center service designed to grow the industry it caters to, we aim to help its business customers serve their clientele better by not only giving them the ability to offer customer and tech support services but to do so in a manner that is easy and free of “tech-babble”. Moreover, we take pride in taking the lead in giving genuinely personalized and friendly service to every customer seeking technical and customer support—something that is sorely lacking in the industry.

With 9 years of top-notch customer service experience and expertise tucked under our belt, we operate in a 600-seat capacity office located in Metro Manila, Philippines. The ever-growing Philippine-based call center likewise takes pride in utilizing the latest contact center technologies and infrastructure, allowing it to keep pace with the equally fast-changing nature of the industry it serves. The company is backed by a team of professional and courteous technical support call center specialists.

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Customer Support Philippines ensures a conducive work environment for a 24/7 delivery center:

Business continuity and disaster recovery plan: Customer Support Philippines has a backup call center equipped with phones, internet connections, and workstations.

Administration services: Provides administrative help, non-IT infrastructure maintenance, and other administrative assistance. They also manage office work areas, sleeping quarters, 24/7 cafeteria, recreation facility, banking and other needs of employees, shared facilities, office automation, and non-operational communication needs.

Medical services: The company has 24/7 paramedic and medical facility in each of the 24/7 operations in case of emergencies and other personal needs. Physical security: All entry and exit points have security guards 24×7. Proximity cards are issued to all employees for safety.

We Offer The Following Service...

✓ Inquiry and Request Resolution
✓ Complaints Handling
✓ Problem Resolution
✓ Escalation Handling
✓ Activation and Registration
✓ Navigation Assistance

✓ Billing and Claims
✓ Multilingual Call Center Support
✓ Installation Support
✓ New Customer Welcome Calls
✓ Product Inquiry
✓ Technical Support and Education

and many more...

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