Customer Support Philippines is the preferred partner of SMEs for their outsourced call center services. The company and its delivery centers are located in the Philippines, the #1 country for English-language outsourced contact centers. The two delivery centers are in the nation’s economic and cultural capital, Metro Manila.

Why the Philippines? Can locating in the Philippines help your company? Yes, Customer Support Philippines provides a cost-effective option for contact center requirements. It is our goal to deliver high-quality and customer-friendly customer and tech support services at a competitive off-shore cost structure.

Investing in the Philippines makes a lot of sense. Consider the following:

Customer support and other customer-related services is more than just numbers and cultural orientation. The work attitude of agents is of primary importance, too.

Why Outsource to Customer Support Philippines?

Each and every customer who seeks technical and customer support via any of our customer service channels can expect not just the most knowledgeable and up-to-date tech support around, but more importantly, the kind of service that comes from the heart. It’s like having a friend “support” them in all their tech needs—through thick and thin, until each and every concern is met and resolved.

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