Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Services

Start up your lead generation the easiest way possible. Our dedicated staff of lead generation professionals will fill your sales and marketing funnels cost-effectively and only giving you the lead quality your company deserves.

The global recession has driven more and more companies into looking for better and more cost-effective ways in generating leads and sales. With this goal in mind, companies now resort more to outsourcing to B2B and B2C appointment schedule management or inbound call center service companies.

Companies now find that hiring a professional appointment setter gets the job- that is, qualifying “suspects” into prospects and generating hot leads that result in closed sales-in less time, at a fraction of the cost your firm would spend if you were to use your own sales team.

Philippine-based Appointment Setters

Philippine-based appointment setters allow your online marketing firm to reach out to a bigger market outreach with your prospects list.  Partnering with them produces sales results in less time and at lesser cost.

For example, if you offer low-cost, no frills health insurance products catering to the lower-end markets in the USA, then from the list you provide in a specific geographic location, say LA in California- the appointment setters can then work on it. From the culled list, your sales team can then work on qualified prospects who have the bigger chances of buying your specific product offering.

Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Process    

Allow us to partner with you in this goal, and we can fast-track an outbound appointment setting blitz for your firm.  For starters, we would need a list of contacts and a script.  Should you need to start from scratch, we can help you build a contact list that is specifically targeted at your specific industry markets and segments.  That way, all sales and business development efforts are geared into better results.

We could then arrange a telemarketer with a specific contact telephone number and email address.  You can then work closely with such telemarketer to suit your unique needs, allowing you to track desired results.  Finding the right fit between your needs and the individual agent’s strengths and weaknesses would best serve your interests in the short, medium and long haul. Also, you can chart your marketing campaign course as needed.

Why Outsource Appointment Setting and Lead Generation

At Customer Support Philippines, we let our clients feel the success of our program thru ROI results. Our main goal is to make your business efforts reach the highest level –  We want you to succeed! We are relentless in delivering the best-quality leads or appointments for conversion into profits. Call or email us today for more information.