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Blended Customer Support

Experience the advantages of 24/7 customer support, handling both Inbound and Outbound calls for enhanced sales and customer satisfaction. Manila, a bustling city with a large pool of educated professionals, offers effective service providers capable of managing various call types.

Technical Support Outsourcing

Discover unparalleled customer support with our dedicated help desk. We focus on genuinely resolving product issues, from the simplest to the most complex. Offering Tier 1-3 support, troubleshooting, and more. Choose a partnership that prioritizes customer satisfaction and effective problem resolution.

Multilingual Call Center

Get exceptional customer care not only in English but also in Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Korean, and other languages. Our company takes pride in our agents’ superb customer service skills, ensuring they are well-spoken, polite, and empathetic to meet the needs of your clients and customers.


Expertise and Capabilities

Unparalleled expertise and dynamic capabilities spanning diverse industries and key business functions.

Custom Tailored Services

Complete range of solutions that are fully integrated with specialized services to meet your unique needs.


The company’s streamlined processes and efficient operations contribute to its remarkable cost-effectiveness.


  • Inbound Call Center Services → Experience comprehensive inbound customer support tailored for diverse businesses. Our services include help desk support, order processing, handling pre-sales queries, and more. Our expertise extends to blended call center services, multichannel customer support, live chats, issue resolutions, inquiries, and e-commerce support, ensuring seamless customer service across the board.
  • Blended Call Center → Inbound-outbound call centers offer versatile, cost-effective solutions for businesses with varying call types. They handle inbound call handling, order taking, answering services, and chat support.
  • Multichannel Customer Support → Our all-inclusive multichannel solutions improve your customer support experience. We integrate Interactive Voice Response (IVR), social media, live chat, and email support to ensure efficient communication across various channels.
  • Technical Support Services → We deliver top-tier solutions, aiding in smartphone setup and troubleshooting. Our comprehensive services include multilingual support through various phone, email, live chat, and social media channels. Elevate your customer experience with our tailored and effective outsourcing solutions.
  • Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Services → Outsource your online marketing outreach to our team of appointment setters in the Philippines. Our B2B and B2C specialists will help you expand your market reach and drive sales at a reduced cost. Specialization between sales openers and closers ensures a more productive and cost-effective campaign.
  • Mobile Apps and Services → Differentiate yourself in the diverse app landscape by providing evolving and effective support. As the real-world embrace of mobile apps rises, seize the opportunity for ongoing market growth.
  • Multilingual Customer Service → Our multilingual call center offers versatile services to enhance your customer service, telemarketing, and technical support. We provide voice support, email, live chat, social media, technical assistance, transcription, and back-office tasks. Our well-spoken and empathetic team ensures a positive customer experience.
  • Social Media Customer Care Solutions → We provide social media customer care solutions for your business, handling inquiries, orders, support, routing, quality control, efficiency, and reporting. Our quick response times and expert help can help you improve service quality without hiring additional staff.

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