Integrate And Blend Your Lead Generation Tactics

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Updated on May 1, 2024 | 1:36 am

Lead generation may sound like a term that was just invented a few years back, but in reality, enterprises from decades ago have already been using this method to keep their businesses afloat.

And with the ever-increasing power and influence that our ever-advancing technology has on our lives, more and more lead generation ideas are coming out that utilizes these technological advancements.

This carries plenty of challenges as well as opportunities for business owners, particularly for those who may still be new to this kind of strategy.

Challenges and Opportunities of Lead Generation

One challenge is, with the plethora of lead generation ideas out there, how will you know which is best for your company?  

Once you have chosen a number of lead generation tactics for your business, that in itself poses a risk: that these different lead generation methods might overlap, causing redundancy and inefficiency for your business. Another unfavorable consequence is the different lead generation ideas might not be aligned or consistent with each other, causing confusion to your market. When there’s confusion, missed opportunities will most likely arise.

As you have probably guessed, the correct answer to the first question is commonly found through trial and error. Nobody likes this tedious process, but the truth is no other process can give you the same guaranteed accurate results than this. Remember that your business is unique from your competitors, so whatever method works for them will not necessarily work for you. Even though you belong to the same industry, it doesn’t mean you must apply the same ideas that they use.

The risk that the application of different lead generation tactics bring can be drastically minimized by successfully integrating them with each other.

Now, you may be thinking, “Oh great. It’s not enough that I learn and then choose the best ideas that will work for my business, now I have to integrate them as well?”

Well, yes, if you want to achieve a higher success rate with each of you tactic and your lead generation campaign overall.

Employing only one lead generation strategy, say, email newsletters, limits your business’ potential to acquire more leads, who may be more comfortable or frequent users of social media channels, for example.  

Marketing experts such as David T. Scott shares two primary benefits of integrating your different lead generation tactics. The first benefit, according to Scott, is the halo effect. It spreads the positive effect of a successful lead generation tactic to all the other marketing tactics employed by the business. For example, a successful email marketing can positively affect the performance of your social media marketing and cold-calling campaign by increasing your brand awareness and improving your brand reputation to your prospects.  

Utilizing the most appropriate lead generation ideas for your business is similar to casting a wide and deep net on the sea: you increase your chances of catching more customers this way. And when your lead generation ideas are integrated, your customers will have a greater chance of brand recall.  

The second benefit of an integrated lead generation campaign is obviously, consistency. Your marketing message through your trade shows is the same message your online customers see and hear. This results in a stronger message, less confusion among your customers, and positive brand reputation.

Integrating your tactics across your different lead generation methods is proven to increase their effectiveness — individually and as a whole. This will also lead to the creation of consistent and strong marketing messages with minimal chances of confusion for your prospects and customers.

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