Customer service: What is It and How to Improve It?

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Updated on January 15, 2023 | 9:48 am

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Redefining customer service

Hear the words “customer service” and you already find yourself picturing rows of desks with screens and phones, constantly ringing and being picked up by agents who open the conversation with a pleasant spiel.

But what is customer service? And what makes customer service ‘good’?

What is Customer Service?

Customer service is the act of communication between customers – consumers – and the establishment that is providing the product or service. 

This is a crucial part of the business process, as it determines if the relationship between the client and the company guarantees a mutual benefit, and, eventually, a repeat transaction.

Nowadays, customer service is almost always equated with inbound customer support, as businesses have acquired these services to provide their client with readily-available customer service anytime, anywhere.

What counts as “good” customer service?

Good customer service goes way beyond pleasantries and polite exchanges. 

It’s catering to a client’s needs, from purchase of the goods/services, to maximizing its value, to assisting with necessary after-sales care and incidental issues. 

All in all, customer service is making sure you deliver what you promised, and more.

Going the extra mile

Just like everything else, customer service is constantly changing, and there is always room for improvement. 

Now that we’ve emphasized what good customer service is, here are ways to maximize inbound call centers:

Fill in the gaps.

Good customer service is more than answering questions and giving the clients what they asked for; it’s finding all the gaps and filling them in. 

Go beyond what the client is telling you and help them find ways to make good use of their purchase. Assist in troubleshooting while giving handy tips about other issues they might encounter in the future. 

Read between the lines and give more than what is asked.

Put your clients in the spotlight.

Your clients are the star of your business so make them feel that they are. While it’s fair to wait for a commendation from a client, it also helps to show clients that we appreciate them by featuring them in promotions (with their permission) or offering them deals. 

After all, customer service isn’t just solving problems, it’s also making sure clients are fully satisfied.   

Everything is a learning curve.

More often than not, customer service is a challenge, and some calls end up with a sour note. While this seems discouraging, it helps to use the experience as a lesson to learn from. 

Check all problem areas and evaluate the conversation and the way it has been handled. Take note of all the problem areas and make sure to avoid these errors again.

Only the best for your business.

Who says call center services are just for the big players? 

Guarantee the best for your clients by providing them with quality extensive call center customer service. 

Customer Support Philippines provides reliable, high-quality inbound customer support for SMEs all over the globe, with years of experience catering to businesses of every kind, from manufacturing, to technology to, consumer electronics, and a whole lot more.

Let us give your clients the best of customer service. Get in touch with us here for more info.  

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