Customer Support Philippines is the preferred partner of SMEs for their outsourced call center services. The company and its delivery centers are located in the Philippines, the #1 country for English-language outsourced contact centers. The two delivery centers are in the nation’s economic and cultural capital, Metro Manila.

Why the Philippines? Can locating in the Philippines help your company? Yes, Customer Support Philippines provides a cost-effective option for contact center requirements. It is our goal to deliver high-quality and customer-friendly customer and tech support services at a competitive off-shore cost structure.

Investing in the Philippines makes a lot of sense. Consider the following:

  • Lower wages (US$ 3,600-4,800 per year, compared to US$ 30,000-40,000 per year in the United States) with a daily minimum wage of $8 per day—that’s 10 percent of the cost vis-à-vis their Western counterparts
  • Lower employee turnover (in most cases, less than 10%)—rest assured of continuity and a stable workforce
  • Literacy rate among the highest in the world, at 93.4%
  • World’s third-largest English-speaking country, after the US and UK What’s more, the Philippines has recently been cited as the “Best in Business English” by GlobalEnglish—can speak to more clients from various countries from anywhere in the world
  • Familiarity with and enthusiasm for United States and Eurozone cultures (the Philippines was a Spanish colony for 300 years and an American-administered territory from 1898 until 1946 and the site of American air and naval installations until 1991 and has also been a British colony for a short period)—can easily relate and interact with Western clients
  • Produces over one million secondary school graduates and more than 400,000 college graduates annually from its US-based university system – half of which earn business, IT and engineering degrees Can handle more complex tasks to help your business reach new heights Familiarity with Western business practices and application of American accounting and legal systems—can handle more than just mobile phone subscription inquiries
  • Excellent, fully privatized, telecommunications infrastructure, with full redundancy systems1 –Eliminate or reduce downtimes which can be bad for business

Customer support and other customer-related services is more than just numbers and cultural orientation. The work attitude of agents is of primary importance, too.

Why Outsource to Customer Support Philippines?

We take good care in our pre-hiring to choose agents to whom customer service is second nature. This is what separates Customer Support Philippines from other outsourced contact centers, big or small.
In our experience, it is best to recruit natural-born customer service agents and we believe we can sift them out of the hundreds of thousands of qualified professionals in the Philippines.
A neutral English accent is one of the biggest asset of a Filipino contact agent. The accent is essential in delivering trustworthy and comforting answers to questions. It is also crucial in developing rapport between customer and client and quickly resolving issues.
Established IT support and brand name in the call center & BPO industry. Powered by a parent company that has been in operation since 2005, we provide the experience and quick-thinking small and medium organizations require.

Each and every customer who seeks technical and customer support via any of our customer service channels can expect not just the most knowledgeable and up-to-date tech support around, but more importantly, the kind of service that comes from the heart. It’s like having a friend “support” them in all their tech needs—through thick and thin, until each and every concern is met and resolved.