When people see the word “humanizing” or the phrase “human touch in your business”, the image that naturally comes to mind is that of a real person taking care of business. This is opposed the idea of having an answering machine or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system take care of incoming calls—which has now become a widely-used business tool.

In reality, however, “humanizing business” goes way beyond having a live agent answer customer support hotlines. It’s about ensuring that the people at the other end of the line act like (and treat their customers like) human beings—and not robots just so the job gets done.

So how can you “humanize” your company’s customer support service, you ask?

  • Start off by having a real person answer each and every customer that contacts you: Having a live customer support agent in your various call center channels—phone, email, social media—is an excellent start. This will make your customers feel more relaxed, knowing that someone will be there to help them out with their tech problems. Moreover, it eliminates their fears of whether or not somebody will indeed get back to them after they’ve left a message with your firm’s voicemail or sent that “tech help” email.
  • Actually do your best to give your customers warm, friendly support: As previously mentioned, however, the more important aspect of humanizing customer support is just that—giving support to the “lost” customer. After all, don’t your clients seek your help because they’re lost? A housewife who wants to know how to use the computer and join Facebook, for instance, may have the most silly questions, such as “how do I turn on the computer?” or even, “so is Facebook a ‘book”?” The human side of customer support helps the lost (and most likely embarrassed) lady, who need not feel afraid to ask these questions, simply because the customer care rep will patiently answer each and every one in in plain, no-fuss English (or whatever language they speak). Moreover, Mrs. Long (the housewife) will even learn a thing or two on how to make the most out of her computer and surfing the Net, not to mention keeping in touch with long lost friends on Facebook.
  • Be there for your customers anytime, anywhere: Offering personalized, friendly customer support isn’t just a one-time deal. There may be clients who have more tech questions as they learn the ropes of their new gadgets. Assure them that they can call you back for any other questions. And be there to take their queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As previously mentioned, make your customer support team available not just via the traditional telephone, but even in cyberspace (such as Twitter). So your clients can reach you from anywhere in the world.

A reliable help desk and technical support give you actionable ways to deliver customer satisfaction. We can help you emphasize the human touch in your customer service – the one that makes the experience more personal than ever. Contact us today for more information about Customer Support Philippines.