Customer Suzanne



Suzanne, Internet Retailer, California


“To provide fast, reliable connections 24/7”-this is the motto that drives Suzanne to get up in the morning and open her Internet Retailing business to the world. From her office in Anaheim, California, she and her team make it a point to provide high-speed, reliable internet service within her area, as well as to other parts of the world. But alas, she cannot do it alone-she needs an equally competent customer service call center-something which she realizes since her clients are always complaining that her office is harder to reach than the Pope.


While she may have a customer care contact center helping her out, the small team of agents can’t seem to cope with the caller traffic coming into her office. Moreover, people have been complaining that the customer call center reps are rude-something that isn’t “cool” when you don’t have any internet connection and need to send an email, pronto! Fortunately, she came across Customer Support Philippines.


From the onset, Customer Support Philippines made things simple-just the facts, no B.S., no lofty promises. Suzanne has taken them on and now sees customers smiling from ear to ear. Not only do they get in touch with her office quickly and fuss-free, the warm and friendly customer service support agents are always ready to help-with a smile to boot.