Michael, Entrepreneur, New York


Michael is an enterprising young man involved in providing top-quality home and office electronics security systems in the New York area. In his line of work, he needs a supplier who can give him world-class products, as well as equally stellar customer service. Unfortunately, his current electronics supplier isn’t giving him any love-sure, they supply the goods. But the service is non-existent.


Being in the frontlines, selling the goods to customers, naturally means clients will come to him for service. While he takes the products in, he is left with the unenviable task of looking for a reliable repair shop, or waiting for an eternity for his supplier to get the job done. Until he called upon the services of Customer Support Philippines who not only led him to an excellent supplier, but likewise backed it up with their own top-caliber brand of customer service.


With Customer Support Philippines, Michael can sell his wares with confidence, knowing that there will be a reliable supplier with world-class customer service to catch him, in the event that things do go wrong. And the good news is, he hasn’t dealt with any faulty products since he took on their services. What’s more, business has doubled since then. Cool, huh?