Hillary, Product Manager, Chicago


Being Product Manager can be a truly demanding job. Hillary, from Chicago, knows this all too well. Not only does she ensure that line of Smartphones and Tablets leave the store as quickly as their internal processors, but likewise has the sometimes unglamorous ordeal of receiving the ire of unhappy customers who can’t seem to make their new toys work. Something which her current customer support call center team should be doing-but aren’t.


As the name suggests, the customer support call center is supposed to be the venue where customers can ask for help with their device-from simple configuration settings to setting up Facebook or Twitter on their device. But alas, the lines are either always busy, they (clients) are put on long hold times, or the agents can’t seem to give a simple, straightforward answer. And you know what happens when things like this happen: customers often demand to speak to the Manager-Hilary. Having enough of this, Hilary decided to look for a more reliable customer call center partner. And she has-in the form of Customer Support Philippines.


Today, Hilary doesn’t just have the fastest selling product line, but has likewise been recognized as having the best customer service around. Customers can now reach the Customer Support Philippines contact center with ease-at any time of the day or night. Moreover, they are instantly connected to a friendly call center rep who answers the most high-tech questions as if s/he were speaking to a fifth-grader. And even clients who contact tech support via Facebook instantly get a reply. Now, that’s customer service!