Customer Greg



Greg, Supplier/Importer, Sydney, Australia


Greg hails from Sydney (Australia) and is a budding supplier and exporter of high quality automotive electronics equipment to the region. Being in this business, he says, requires a world-class customer service team who can respond to customer concerns as quickly as the latest quad-core processor. While Greg has a call center customer service partner, they seem to be stuck somewhere between limited customer reach (calls can only come in from within Australia) and emails-for customers from around the region.


Apart from the limited customer reach, Greg’s clients have been complaining that response times to their concerns (simple things like help with race chip configuration settings) are slower than the slowest turtle. This can’t be good for customers from the Philippines, for instance, who need reliable customer care. This is Greg’s tale-until he met the folks from Customer Support Philippines.


It seems that switching customer support call center partners (from his old call center to Customer Support Philippines) has given new life to Greg’s electronics export business. Not only can he receive calls from customers from anywhere around the region, he is even thinking of exporting to other parts of the world-simply because he can now be reached worldwide. As if that’s not savvy enough, clients can even reach him via various customer support channels like live chat, email, and even Facebook. Now, that’s high tech!