If you were the customer, how would you want to receive assistance from a company?

Seventy-eight percent of customers, according to research, say that the best and most satisfying customer experience happens if it is handled by a highly capable phone representative. Top technology companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Sony, and Apple understand that being helpful is the most effective way to establish loyal customers. The brand’s quality of service reflects the company’s values. And the way we manage our customer support is the closest thing any customer can perceive about the brand. Ask yourself this question: What does my customer service say about my business?

Better Business With Customer Service

We live in a commodity-rich world that practically spoils the consumer with a dizzying array of goods and services to suit their needs, wants, and budgets.

Take the ever-growing electronics and gadgets industry as an example. A person looking to buy a mobile phone, for instance, can choose from a wide range of models from many different brands. He can go for the basic call-and-text variety or opt for the full monty—complete with smarter-than-your-average-guy features that even includes the proverbial kitchen sink. As if this wasn’t enough, he can choose between the leading and most “chic” brand, or the upstart brand flexing its muscles to show the world that it, too, can play ball.

But like any free-market industry driven by competition, companies are now realizing that offering cool products isn’t enough. Moreover, offering Aftersales Customer Support to go with these products just won’t cut it.

Take the case of a leading electronics giant that sells its wares in almost every corner of the world. It has managed to win the hearts and wallets of many consumers not just in its native homeland, but around the world as well. Moreover, it has even trumped the leading brand (that many folks consider “chic”) in many of these markets, not to mention gaining the nod of industry experts to boot.

Nothing replaces a warm friendly voice on the other end to help someone who’s frustrated with a new gadget or a defective product. Customers are more comfortable with a live person assisting them, and not to an answering machine or a technical manual published on the company’s web. Businesses should hire front-liners that share the same values you adhere internally in the organization.

So how did the business do this?

By simply humanizing their core business values, most especially Customer Support. This essentially meant making sure that customers who reach them via their 24/7 customer support hotline don’t need to wait long before a real live tech support agent takes their call. It likewise means putting that “human touch” by having the tech support team present in the other customer support channels such as email, live chat, and even the ever-popular Facebook page.

More importantly it’s ensuring that all customer tech support agents will offer a warm and helping hand every step of the way—until the customers’ needs have been addressed—and beyond.

It’s time to enrich the customer experience even further with a humanized approach to your 24/7 customer support. Are you providing the best customer experience possible for your customers? Call us today and find out how we can help your business.