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July 7, 2015
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Why the Philippines is a Great Offshore Destination

Despite the emergence of other offshore destinations in the world, the Philippines continues to be a viable option for clients who are looking for quality service and competitive rates. The country is still a host to numerous outsourcing companies that thrive despite fluctuations in the global economy. Start-ups and new outsourcing-related ventures in varying sizes keep sprouting all over the archipelago.

Here’s a number of reasons why the Philippines is a great offshore destination:

Low overhead costs

The bulk of any business operation’s costs can be attributed to overhead. This includes utilities, equipment, office space, software and maintenance. Clients can scale back on expenses and increase profits by outsourcing to the country. Their currency has more purchasing power in a developing country like the Philippines, where commercial spaces and other overhead costs remain drastically lower.

Highly qualified workforce

Outsourcing to this offshore destination gives you tap into a pool of skilled and experienced employees that you might not otherwise have access to. Many of them will work for rates that are much lower than local hires in your country will.

The Philippines has a high literacy rate. Moreover, many Filipinos have had tertiary-level education, with a number of schools offering courses on commonly outsourced services such as information technology, graphic design, animation and copywriting.

High number of fresh graduates

The country has a young work force, with the median age being 23. Fresh graduates are willing to explore a number of work options, even seemingly unconventional ones like data entry or link building. The youthfulness of the Philippine work force also gives you the opportunity to train and invest in employees who are still green but have strong potential nonetheless.

Flexibility in work hours

Filipino employees are willing to adapt to another country’s time zone. Many of them are amenable to the mid-shift and the graveyard shift because it suits their lifestyle and it lets them avoid that heavy traffic that comes with regular office hours. This means that clients don’t have to adjust their schedules to be able to benefit from outsourcing.

Strong work ethic

Filipinos are known to be hard-working, with many of them showing up to work despite heavy rains and bad traffic. They get the job done according to the client’s specifications. They put in the hours needed to meet targets on a consistent basis.

Language proficiency

It’s common for most Filipinos to be multilingual. Most of them are able to speak English, the national language, and their regional language. There are also those who learned a foreign language like Mandarin, Spanish or French in college. This gives clients numerous options when it comes to voice services and customer support. This also allows Filipino employees to communicate with clients with relative ease and with little room for misunderstandings.

If you want to transfer your processes to a cost-effective offshore destination, the Philippines should be on the top of your list. The country is home to a number of reliable and highly competent outsourcing companies that have been catering to foreign clients for decades. Its track record when it comes to qualified workers and a high yield for businesses is worthy of consideration.

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