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September 24, 2013
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October 8, 2013
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Why The Human Side of Tech Support Is Still Tops

Technology has now made it a lot easier to reach people—even those in far-off places. From the ubiquitous email and mobile phones, to live chat and social media, everyone can now stay connected in real-time. And staying connected via technology likewise holds true when it comes to customer tech support.

Nowadays, electronics companies can now make use of the very same gadgets they “care” for to help their clients keep connected with them via their tech support call center. If your computer depot doesn’t have at least an email address, then you could be missing out on a ton of business opportunities. But before you set up that call center, make sure that you’ve got a real, live human staff to take care of your clients.

Studies have shown that despite the widespread popularity of chat and other high-tech service channels, there are still a staggering 78% of customers who prefer the good old fashioned way of communication—no, not the smoke signal but the telephone.  What’s more, they still would want a lie human agent to take care of their gadget needs. For these folks, an automated helpdesk system just won’t cut it.

Why is this, you ask? For one thing, a human tech support rep can empathize with their concerns. Sure, they can convey their woes to a machine. But can it feel their frustration? It’s bad enough that you’re feeling lost; having to deal with a cold, non-feeling bucket of wires somehow doesn’t help. Beyond the empathy, a live client care agent can be flexible. Machines, no matter how well-programmed they are to be conversational, are just that—programmed. Live agents can easily adjust to the situation or even try to find solutions to not-so-straightforward problems—such as a weird case of a rather unusual computer bug.

So go ahead and setup those email and Facebook tech support channels. Just make sure there’s always a live human rep on hand to care for clients. After all, customer support still entails just that—human support.

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