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July 27, 2015
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Why Philippines Is the Best Multilingual Outsourcing Solution

In today’s global business environment where customer experience and accessibility of information and services have been commonly taking place, multilingualism is more than just a vital asset. Language is at the core of any global business so companies could have a distinct competitive advantage. But where to find help in a market that is increasingly becoming global?

What Language Barrier? Philippines Solves Customer Support Problems

The entire Philippine archipelago is a high-literacy area that produces tens of thousands of college-educated workforce every year. Majority are gifted with English proficiency and a natural accent-neutral fluency. Many are proficient in Asian and European languages and much of this workforce are service oriented.

The Philippines has taken the spotlight for call centers as the number one destination ahead of India for voice projects. As a service provider, the Philippine call center industry is able to go beyond providing services for English-language customers.

Top caliber workforce

English as the Philippines’ secondary language is an overstatement. Truth is, the Philippines is staffed with a significant number of international speaking talents. When it comes to multilingual talents, Filipinos are not left behind. The local talent pool of the Philippines is not bereft of speaking foreign words. Need evidence? Call centers in the Philippines implement rigorous recruitment and training policies. This makes multilingual agents capable of learning a language and end up mastering it as though it’s their native tongue.

Language trainings also proliferate in the country to make sure agents’ skills match the global standards. Accredited language centers and universities are easily accessible to local aspirants who want to become multilingual agents.

These languages can be supported by Filipino multilingual agents: Spanish, Mandarin, French, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Malaya, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Singapore English and German. Outside of the united States and European cultural centers, the Philippines is logically the best place to set up a contact center that serves most places in the globe.

Cultural compatibility

Filipinos are culturally open and are sociable to a high degree. One key indicator is participation in global social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter (read: Filipinos lead in social media).

A recent World Economic Forum report also puts the Philippines in the top tier of countries that are welcoming to foreign visitors.  Many foreign investors choose to outsource in the Philippines because culturally Filipinos are more westernized than their Asian neighbors and are recognized as the highest in terms of Western cultural affinity. Cultural affinity with the West is not limited to multilingual agents or people who choose to work in outsourcing but Filipinos in general. Because of this, multilingual agents have no difficulty relating to international customers. Cultural compatibility continues to be the country’s edge over other outsourcing locations. `

Strategic location

Having 7,107 islands is not just the advantage when talking about strategic location of the Philippines. The reason why its geographical location is advantageous is because it could cater to customer support needs of the West in real-time. The time zone differences enable 24/7 multilingual customer service offering. Another reason for this advantage is because the country is situated in a cost-effective destination that can reduce operational costs without having to worry about language barriers. Let’s do the math: time difference plus low-cost solutions equals reduced turnaround times for international customers.

Multilingual call centers for the multilingual Western market can be easily set up in the Philippines. There are existing multilingual outsourcing operations in the Philippines in Spanish/English, French/English and German/English, Mandarin/English.

Government support

The Philippine government provides its 100% support to the outsourcing industry. They partner with the business sector to implement programs, such as language lessons, to enhance the skills of its multilingual talents. Not only that, but the Philippine government is also extending its support through subsidies to foreign investors, provision of tax benefits and reduced cost of facilities.

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