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Why Outsourcing Customer Support Is Great for SMEs

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Regardless of your company size, the quality of your inbound customer support can do two things: drive your growth, or drive your customers away. While the latter option is scary, it is a reality that is happening not just in SMEs but also in big businesses. The White House Office of Consumer Affairs point out that news of bad customer service experience reaches more than twice as many ears as a good service experience. Not only will poor service drive your existing customers away, it can also prevent your potential customers from even considering to do business with you.

The good news is good customer service delivery is a quality that many consumers associate SMEs with. Results from the 2011 American Express Survey show that 80% of Americans agree that small businesses emphasize customer service more than their larger counterparts. If your SME is challenged with delivering good customer service, outsourcing may be the solution. We give you five reasons why outsourcing your inbound customer support is a great strategy to take.

1. Competent and skilled customer support representatives guaranteed to make your customers happy. When asked what makes a happy customer experience, 78% of the 2009 Genesys Global Survey respondents said competent service representatives. By outsourcing your inbound customer support to a reputable call center, you are increasing your chances of having competent and skilled agents to represent your company. Call centers train their agents intensively to ensure they are confident and knowledgeable enough before dealing with an actual customer.

2. Flexible and scalable solution that matches your budget. SME outsourcing allows these smaller enterprises to avail of quality assistance at competitive rates. Outsourcing gives your SME the flexibility to hire additional help and pay only for the service you need, without any long-term commitment. Outsourcing your inbound customer support is perfect for those peak times or seasonal overflows so that no call gets ignored and no customer of yours will feel unimportant.

3. Minimized labor and overhead costs give your SME bigger wiggle room for other operations. Arguably outsourcing’s most attention-grabbing benefit, cost reduction remains to be any business’ goal. By outsourcing your inbound customer support, you will be freed from hiring an entire in-house customer service department and paying for the staff salary, benefits, leaves, as well as office space, utilities and equipment. This huge savings you made by outsourcing can be used to improve your other operations, such as product innovation or marketing.

4. Offering a more convenient access to your customers sets your SME apart from the rest. Call centers offering inbound customer support are usually open 24/7/365. When you work with a call center that is open daily, even on holidays, you are making sure your customers are properly cared for even after your office closes for the day. Elevating your customer service delivery to this level leaves an unforgettable, positive impression on your customers.

5. Better focus and increased productivity contributes to your overall growth. Outsourcing your inbound customer support lets you focus more on your core competencies and strengths as an SME. This greater focus on your key responsibilities can help you be more productive, resulting in your SME’s better performance.

Your customers deserve good customer support, as much as your SME deserves to grow. Outsourcing your inbound customer support can help you accomplish this by delivering a high quality customer support with less investments of time and money on your part.

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