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September 10, 2013
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Why Not Dish Out Customer Tech Service?

Nowadays, gadgets can be considered a dime a dozen. From being a luxury item some thirty years ago, mobile phones and computers have become easily accessible to the everyday Joe. Likewise, customer tech support has also become widespread that just about anyone can dish out tech advice—with a little help from YouTube and Google Search, that is.

So what would make people patronize your budding electronics shop’s customer support call center, you ask? Apart from knowing your stuff very well, the best way to draw clients to contact your tech desk is to put forth top-notch customer service. Yes, good old customer care—the kind of care that almost 70 percent of clients look for, whether they’re booking a hotel or seeking help on operating system configuration.

First of all, customer tech service means making service channels easily available. Imagine the relief Nancy, a teenager who accidentally “lost” her term paper in computer oblivion, would experience when a helpdesk agent immediately picks up the call center hotline to attend to her call—on the first try! Combine that with quick-response action for your Twitter, email, and Live Chat channels and you’re on your way to winning clients’ hearts.

Yet she would feel much better if the same agent were prepared not only to take her call, but to deal with her problem as well. This is where preparation comes into play. Always make sure that your team is well-equipped with knowledge about the latest gadgets that come out in the market, as well more than a few tips and tricks to retrieve lost files, configure operating systems of various platforms, and the like. Preparedness is key, after all.

Of course, Nancy’s tech woes would definitely be forgotten if she deals with a friendly tech support agent. As we mentioned earlier, anyone can dish out customer support. Yet only a few are truly patient enough to remain calm and friendly—even as the client throws a fit. And this just makes all the difference.

So don’t just dish out customer help and support—give them some customer care while you’re at it. It can help you stand out from the “rest”.

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