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November 9, 2012
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December 3, 2012
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Why Not Be Grandpa and Grandma’s Tech Support for the Holidays?

Do you remember your grandparents? Do you recall how they used to get all excited upon seeing you—the grandkids—each chance they get?

While most folks have grandpa and grandma come over for the holidays (or vice-versa), there are some senior family members that cannot make the journey and are far away from home. Yet with today’s technology, they can be close to family and friends wherever they are—with a little help from your customer support call center, that is.

Yes, your contact center can assist an elderly lady who may want to contact her kids and grandkids via Skype—but doesn’t know how. A quick call to your technical support call center telephone hotline is all she needs to do, and she’ll be chatting with them in no time.

Then there’s a granddad who may have received the latest tablet from his son—who unfortunately forgot that his Pop doesn’t really know much about today’s tech toys. Well, your customer care call center can surely be his helping hand. Pretty soon, grandpa can use his new toy and even surf the net. He might even be able to call his son over the net—thanks to your friendly call center reps, of course.

Be grandpa and grandma’s helpers this holiday season—whether your own, or someone else’s.

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