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Why Foreign BPO Companies Prefer Filipino Call Center Agents

Filipino call center agents have earned the reputation of being among the most preferred agents worldwide. While some foreign BPO companies choose to work with local talent, many more have partnered with these Southeast Asian professionals for their business’ needs, particularly for customer service.

The following are the compelling reasons why Filipino call center agents are the prime choice of foreign BPO companies.

1. Neutral accent. This is one of the advantages of Filipino call center agents over their other Asian counterparts, particularly Indians who were the first world-renowned call center agents. Foreign BPO companies recognized that conversing with Filipino call center agents feels like talking to their own fellowmen, with no trace of any distinct accent which could lead to miscommunication, poor customer service and lost business.

2. Superior English comprehension and communication skills. Aside from their accent-free speech, Filipino call center agents are very confident in using the English language. As one of the country’s official languages and the medium of instruction in their educational system, English was one foreign language that Filipino call center agents grew up hearing and speaking like it is their native tongue. Add to that the fact that the Philippines was colonized by the Americans for many years, then it comes as no surprise that they have been strongly exposed to this language. The Filipino call center agents’ mastery of English is another advantage they have over other nationalities.

3. World-class work ethic. Many foreign BPO companies recognize Filipino call center agents’ strong work ethic. Their commitment to achieve goals, industriousness and team-playing attitude are assets of the foreign BPO companies who employ them.

4. Topnotch customer service. The world-famous customer service skills of Filipino call center agents can be attributed to their inborn hospitality. Their naturally warm and friendly personality makes customers feel at ease immediately and contributes to happy customer experiences. This eventually leads to the positive reputation and growth of the foreign BPO companies the Filipino call center agents work in.

5. Lower labor costs. Foreign BPO companies who employ Filipino call center agents get huge savings on their operating expenses because Filipinos’ cost of labor are much lower than their Western counterparts.  Research shows as much as 30-60% are saved by companies who outsource their business processes to the Philippines.

6. Less time investment. Because Filipino call center agents have so many required and preferred skills in place already, foreign BPO companies spend less time training them than if they hire agents of other nationalities. Time is money in business, and hiring Filipino call center agents guarantees these foreign BPO companies huge time savings, which can be put to use for other income-generating projects.

Filipino call center agents are preferred by foreign BPO companies because they possess a combination of speech and communication skills, positive values and qualities which makes them effective call center agents. Hiring them is also more cost and time efficient.

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