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March 16, 2017
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Why Call Center Companies Are Employers Of Choice For Filipinos


Research shows Filipinos are the call center agents of choice of Western consumers. Compared to their Indian counterparts, Filipinos have impeccable English communication skills with no accent. This makes their customers understand them better, resulting in improved customer service delivery. For this reason, a growing number of businesses have outsourced their tasks to call center companies here in the Philippines instead of India.

Filipinos, from millennials to more senior professionals, have taken advantage of this sunrise industry. As of 2015, there are 1.2 million Filipinos employed in the IT-BPO industry, with the government targeting 1.3 million by the end of this year. There is no shortage of highly educated and skilled Filipinos applying for call center jobs in the Philippines as there is no decreasing interest on the Filipinos’ part to work with them. These are five reasons why call center companies are employers of choice for Filipinos.

1. Financially-rewarding career opportunity.
The Philippines is a developing, Third World country. Many Filipinos are in search of a career that can sustain them and their families. Call center companies are recognized for offering competitive salary packages and a host of benefits to their employees. Medical insurance, dental plan, education support, meal and transportation allowance, night differential and performance incentives are the common benefits call center companies offer to their employees. For Filipinos, applying for a call center is a very practical option that can help them live the life they have always dreamed of.

2. Work culture that is consistent with Filipinos’ fun-loving nature.
Call center jobs in the Philippines are fun and enjoyable. Many call center companies have exciting initiatives to keep their agents motivated in their work such as team building sessions, eat-out days and theme parties. Some call centers allow their employees to wear casual attire every day. This fun and relaxed work culture synchronizes with the Filipinos’ inherent fun-loving nature and helps Filipinos thrive in a home-y environment.

3. Career growth and stability.
A number of Philippine call center companies have already been in business for over a decade, proving that call center jobs in the Philippines are career opportunities with stability. They also ensure a career development path for their hardworking agents. It is common to hear of Filipinos who started as inbound agents and got promoted to team leaders and process managers over the course of a few years. The Filipinos’ belief that their commitment and hard work will be rewarded with a promotion and/or job security makes them want to work with call center companies.

4. Opportunity for personal growth.
Filipinos prize education, and working in a call center puts them in a mentally-stimulating environment. Not only do they undergo training on different topics, they also have the opportunity to hone their communication and people skills every working day. Filipinos also recognize that call center companies serve as good training ground for improving their self-confidence and discipline, contributing to their holistic personal growth.

5. Very social, teamwork culture.
Filipinos are a very social people, thriving and finding joy in team situations. Call center jobs in the Philippines have this socially dynamic work environment where agents work side by side and as a team, a position that puts Filipinos immediately at ease.

Call center companies have what Filipinos look for in their employers, and this is simply why they are the employer of choice for the Filipino people.

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