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March 30, 2017
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What The Best Call Center Companies In The Philippines Have In Common

What does it take to be the Call Center Capital of the World? Call center companies in the Philippines are synonymous with first-rate service and superior human talent. But what do the most successful call centers in the country have in common?

Here are some of the things they share:

1. Happy employees. Happy employees equate to happy customers. This is why the best call centers invest heavily in employee wellness by designing and implementing programs that help agents manage stress, make use of vacation leaves, and lead healthy lifestyles. Facilities like sleeping quarters, gyms, and game rooms also add color to otherwise routine and stressful work days. Making agents happy doesn’t even have to cost a thing – ensuring that employees have work-life balance is just as valuable, and good call centers see to it that policies and employee compensation and benefits are fair to their workers.

2. Positive work environment. Top call centers keep their attrition rate low by creating a positive work environment where agents can thrive. Good management, mutual respect between workers and their superiors, incentives, and a well-thought-out reward system that makes employees feel valued for the hard work they do are likely to make them stay and perform better. Some employers go the extra mile by offering pricey gifts like high-end gadgets and gift certificates to top performers, while others simply offer praise and proper acknowledgement for a job well done.

3. Employee engagement. The best employers know that agents have to feel invested in the work they do. Otherwise, they’ll just do it for the paycheck and move on to other things. That’s why they make it clear to employees that they have a stake in the company, and that they have a say in issues concerning the call center and their work environment. And it’s not just about feedback and “open door” policies that encourage employees to speak directly to higher-ups about their issues. Company events, such as holiday celebrations, team building seminars, and outings, make employees feel more involved, encouring a higher level of personal engagement.

4. Competitive wages. Just like everyone else, agents have bills to pay, and good call centers know that offering competitive salary rates, giving out bonuses, and being generous with employee benefits will help them secure top talent. They make sure that all of their agents are fully compensated for the work they do, and that they can expect to get a raise if warranted. They also give agents the tools and resources needed to gain financial security by offering free courses and lectures on money management.

5. Performance management. Any call center worth its salt puts soft skills and technology to use when gauging performance and encouraging agent skill development. Software that can track and analyze performance levels allows them to do away with time-consuming paperwork and makes it easier to identify agents’ skill sets, as well as any skill gaps that should be addressed. It also gives management a clearer picture of their agents’ typical work day, which enables them to sync schedules with anticipated peaks and valleys in call volume.

If you’re looking for a dependable call center, Philippines is your best bet for offshore success.
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