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Want to Stand Out? Equip Your Tech Support Service With…

human-touch-customer-serviceWant help with configuring the new iOS 7? We wouldn’t be surprised if you answered “yes” to this question, as more than a few Apple loyalists were up in arms the moment they started using the operating system’s latest version. Some were thrown off by what they described as an “Android-like” interface (among other adjectives), and having issues that could prompt a flood of calls to the nearest tech support portal—like Siri (?), for instance.

If there were such folks who did seek help, they wouldn’t have any trouble finding a vendor or two who would’ve been more than willing to end a hand and their tech support “expertise”. Yet that’s just it. You see, with so many “experts” claiming that they know how to fix your iPhone or oven toaster, how will one know if they’re going to the right place?

Fortunately, you, Mr. Technopreneur, can offer some insight into this blur by offering your very own customer support call center service. If you’re thinking that you might be branded as one of the “wannabes” out there, you might want to consider equipping your service with a few things.

One is a patient ear. Remind your team that their callers, emailers, and the like would most likely be folks who aren’t as tech-savvy as they are (or worse, lost and confused). They should patiently hear them out to know exactly what’s wrong with them and their tech toy.

Of equal importance is the ability to express themselves in a clear manner without using high-flying tech babble. Again, these are “ordinary” folks who just want to use a computer or a smartphone. The last thing they need is more confusion, simply because the helpdesk dude told them to “reboot the system”, instead of simply saying “restart your phone”.

So yes, you can go head-to-head with the best of them and help the world fix its iPhone confusion. Just make sure your tech support team is well-equipped with simplicity and a good ear. In the end, these might just be your ticket to winning more clients.

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