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January 7, 2014
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Want to Connect E-Commerce With Real Customers?


Have you ever gone shopping or paid your bills online? If you’re like most folks today, such as the 186 million online shoppers, chances are, you’ve bought stuff from Amazon.com or ordered a meal from McDonald’s online store while slaving away at work. Yes, ordering stuff via the internet is definitely here to stay.


Yet did you know that the entire e-commerce experience, though a godsend for many, tends to be a juggling act for online retailers and vendors? Many companies have the unenviable task of ensuring that they don’t just sell their wares or offer top-notch services, they must likewise keep clients happy. Amy Bishop of CustomerThink sums it up nicely: “The overall customer experience encompasses many things: site navigation, loading times, relevant content, catalog browsing, speedy checkout services and comprehensive help desk support.”

But how do you, an up and coming e-commerce provider, make sure you’re giving your clients the products and services while keeping them satisfied? Well, this is where that order taking customer service center comes in. When it comes to order management—such as that shopping cart–, for instance, your order management and taking call center agent can assist a customer who wishes to buy a shirt online. S/he can likewise help process the payment with ease—and security to bot. And then there’s the bonus of answering any questions the buyer may have before “checking out” the item from the store.

When it comes to helpdesk support, on the other hand, this can likewise be handled by the customer care team, in coordination with order taking. They can assist a poor lady who may have been waiting for her package to be delivered—expecting it to arrive a week earlier. As for bills payments, the same team can help a housewife track a bill that seems to have been mixed up with another payment.

Yes, there are countless ways to connect clients with the seemingly cold world of e-commerce. All it takes is the human touch of an order taking and service team. Are you ready to give them that.

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