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June 25, 2013
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Want Happy Clients? Here’s How to Improve Response Times

Josefina works as a marketing services agent at one of the country’s major banks. Her job requires her to be at the office as early as possible to get a good head start in reeling in those clients. Thus, a typical day means that every second is precious.

Unfortunately, she had the unpleasant experience of becoming the “victim” of a major communications problem suffered by her mobile phone service provider. Apart from incorrect billing, she likewise had to endure choppy, or at times, non-existent mobile internet signals—something that she and most everyone today needs to keep connected while on the go.

And while the issues were eventually resolved, what added insult to injury was the time it took the telco to get things back on track: that is to say, it practically made Josefina think more than once about switching telecommunications companies. Imagine waiting more than 20 minutes just for a tech support agent to pick up the phone. As if that wasn’t excruciating enough, she had to repeatedly call back to follow-up her concerns—again, enduring the customer tech support contact center woes. And you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that this is bad for business – especially when around 71% of customers expect their calls to be answered within 5 minutes, according to Tricia Morris of Business2Community.

Fortunately, your own electronics and telecommunications firm can avoid such crappy service. You can do so by putting in place more customer support call center channels that can help you stay connected to a lot of folks nowadays, even those like Josefina who are constantly on the go. Channels like live chat and social media.

While the latter tends to overshadow the former these days, both customer tech support call center channels are still very effective on their own. Chat, for instance, is a channel that a lot of consumers are most comfortable with—even closely following voice calls in terms of satisfaction ratings (69% for voice, a close 63% for chat), says Tricia Morris of Business2Community. Social media, meanwhile, is very prevalent nowadays and can actually help whip a lagging company into shape quickly simply because once a complaint is posted on their Facebook page, for example, the whole world can see it. And that’s something no company boss wants to be part of.

Want to satisfy customers like Josefina? Put those new tech support call center channels in place quickly. Your customers won’t wait long before thanking you for doing so.

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