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July 30, 2013
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Upgrade Your Tech Support-and Keep Clients’ (Gadgets) Happy

Is your mobile phone or tablet running the latest version of Android or iOS?

What about your computer’s antivirus software-is it up to date? Have you checked with your software company’s tech support service to see if there is an upgrade or if it’s on its way?

Beyond looking cool and being able to boast that “I’m on the latest version of Jelly Bean” for your Android-powered Smartphone, getting the latest operating system (or firmware) updates has its merits. For one thing, these software updates are the company’s way of helping your device run better and more efficiently. Such efficient operation can often be felt via such things as longer battery life, faster processing speeds, and being able to run and install the latest games and other software as well.

There are times when software updates are sent to your device automatically, upon connecting to the Internet. There are other moments, however, when you need to do the upgrade manually. But how do you do this, you ask?

This can be where you and your tech support service come in, Mr. Computer vendor. A quick call to your contact center is all your clients need to get help on how to avail of the updates. There can even be an option where a caller will be greeted by a live tech support agent, who will gladly give a step-by-step tutorial on how to install and configure the software upgrade.

And if one wants to know when the next update will come, all they need to do is give their email address so they can receive details on how and where to obtain the upgrade.

Simply put, such a software update service would be a great way for tech support to keep its mother company’s customers happy-and their electronic gadgets running up to speed.

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