Unbeknownst to many consumers, business owners do more than just manage their enterprise’s daily operations as well as their employees who play an active role in ensuring their business’ smooth operation. The most responsible business owners also find the time to manage the data that their business has accumulated over time.

Data management is an overarching discipline that includes data storage, security, retrieval, backup and quality processes to ensure the data your company has is accurate, up-to-date, and useful.

That said, data management services play a central role in preventing data decay.  

The horrors that data decay brings to any business owner is real. Weeks, months, or years of gaining your clients’ trust to the point where you finally have their contact information can be wasted if you fail to practice data management. Whether the cause for data decay is man-made or computer-made, the negative consequences are the same: permanent deletion of data means you have to start from square one and win new customers’ trust again.

And that is just the scenario for data decay involving your CRM or clients’ contact details.

But what if your other business’ data also gets destroyed?

Data decay is not exclusive to one aspect of your business data. Like a super typhoon, data decay is capable of wiping out everything in its path.

This includes scanned, digital copies of your business’ legal papers. Minutes of your meetings with your Board of Directors. Signed contracts with your suppliers. Ideas for your marketing campaigns. Files about your product development processes. And the list goes on.

Imagine losing all this data in one day.

It’s almost the same as having to launch your business all over again.

Without data management, it is very likely that your business will have a short life-cycle.

What many business owners fail to realize is that their data is one of the most precious resources they have, along with their people and their technology. Many of them make the serious mistake of taking the data they have accumulated lightly, without considering how much time investment they have poured in to gather that wealth of information.  

Whenever you fail to backup your data to an external drive, to the cloud, or both, you are inviting data decay into your business. Whenever you put off double-checking the integrity of your data for another time and day, you are opening your doors to data decay and increasing the chances of you losing your data forever.

Thankfully, there are professional data management providers who will do all the intricate and tedious tasks of data backup and checks for you. Regardless of how busy you are running your business, it will serve you best to take the time to ask help from data management experts on how they can protect your data, and to a large extent, your business.

Don’t let the nightmare of data decay destroy all your hard work. Investing in a professional data management service today can be one of the best decisions you can make for your business’ stability and future.

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