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March 23, 2012
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March 29, 2012
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Trained As People, Not Robots

Picture this: a customer calls up to inquire about the latest mobile phone plans. The call goes smoothly, with the telephone sales agent answering questions using a spiel crafted to make their phone-answering life easier.

After a few more calls of the same nature, a call comes in. This time, the caller wishes to subscribe to a certain plan. As the caller states what plan he wants to avail of, the sales rep goes on to describe the various subscription plans on offer.

Keen observers will note that this call is amiss—the caller already knows what he wants, yet the call center phone representative still insists on describing the various plans instead of processing the order.

While it may sound like a scene straight out of call center comedy central, the sad fact is that there are agents out there that act more like robots than a real person. There’s nothing wrong with following a script or a spiel. This is indeed helpful, especially after taking in 50 mind-numbing calls.

Well-trained telephone agents providing customer support, knows how to adapt to their callers, as well as the situation at hand. They listen attentively to what your caller is saying.  Moreover, they avoid speaking in a monotonous tone, making callers feel that they’re engaged in a real conversation—with a real person.

In the end, conversing with a client can make or break a sale. Besides, if customers wanted to talk to a robot, they could’ve easily gone straight to a toy store.

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