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Top Languages BPO Companies Need in Multilingual Call Center Services


In order to stay on top of their competitive industry, call center and BPO companies are stepping up by offering business-specific solutions such as multilingual call center services. By employing agents who are well-versed in a number of foreign languages, a multilingual call center has the advantage of attracting more foreign clients than a monolingual call center. Businesses from non-English speaking countries, in particular, who wish to outsource to offshore locations, have more reason to partner with multilingual call centers with agents fluent in their particular language.

Entrepreneurs prefer doing business with people who speak the same language because they know a single word lost in translation can mean unhappy customers, a permanent negative impression and lost business. But with over 7,000 languages in the world, how will BPO companies know which languages should be included in their multilingual call center services offering? Here is the list of the top languages a multilingual call center must offer, and why:

  1.   Mandarin. As the official language of Mainland China and Taiwan, Mandarin s a must for any multilingual call center. It is among the most important and widely-spoken languages in our world today, particularly for business purposes. Many successful multinational companies operate in China or depend on their plentiful resources. Consider also that an estimated 1.2 billion people in the world speak Mandarin, which means roughly 1 out of 6 people in the world use this language. Serving this ratio of the world population is better than losing them, so be sure to include Mandarin in your multilingual call center services.
  2.   Spanish. Spanish ranks as the second most used language in the world today, it being an official language in more than twenty countries and states and spoken by an estimated 440 million people. Spanish is also one of the commonly used languages in Europe and in the US alone, 36 million people speak Spanish. If you want to make your Hispanic clients feel more at ease, let your fluent Spanish-speaking agent in your multilingual call center assist them.
  3.   French. The second Romance language that multilingual call centers must offer, French is spoken by an estimated 220 million people, is the second most widely-spoken language in Europe and is the second most studied language in the world. Offering French will give your multilingual call center an opportunity to connect better with customers from Europe and Africa, where over 96 million speak the language.
  4.   Russian. The most widely spoken Slavic language, Russian is spoken by an estimated 250 million people worldwide and is one of the official languages of the United Nations. Russia is one of the world’s top oil producers and remains a superpower in business and diplomacy.
  5.   Portuguese. The official language of Brazil, Portugal and eight other countries and territories, Portuguese is eyed by the UNESCO as the most likely international language of South America and Africa, where it is also an important language. There are currently an estimated 260 million people who speak Portuguese.
  6.   Arabic. Arabic is the official language of 29 countries in the world today, with over 400 million people speaking this language. Including Arabic in your multilingual call center services is your ticket to the Middle East and Arab League, home to some of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs with business empires in the oil and construction industries.  

Including these foreign languages in your multilingual call center will multiply your international clients and open up doors of opportunity for your business.

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