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The Top Email Marketing Strategies And Its Impact To Your Business

Though many people are using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, there are still more people who use email. It is still the top online marketing strategy that will get you clickers and more consumers. Email marketing is just as effective and outstanding like other marketing strategies.

However, there are approximately 144 billion emails sent every day. That is a lot of emails and companies that send them. If you want your products and services to stand out, you have to know what to do with your email marketing.

Know Your Audience

Even though you do not know all your subscribers and consumers, you know their history. You have to use this to your advantage to make them read your emails. Personalization is very important as many people find it endearing. Personalization, not just having their names on the opening remarks, but also knowing what they liked about your products and services is very helpful. Many people would appreciate it more if your email to them will speak as if you have been emailing them as a friend suggesting a thing you like.  

According to Temple’s Fox School of Business research, putting your subscribers’ name after “dear” is not good. In fact, it has more negative impact than positive ones. If your consumer feels welcomed, they will likely more read your next email to them.

Study the Content You Want

The content is very important. It has to be appealing to your readers. Also, the subject line is very crucial. Adestra, a research company, stated that the length of your subject will have a different impact on your subscribers. If your subject line is 60-7- long, it will have more clickthroughs. On the other hand, if it is shorter than 49 characters, it will have a higher open rate. Moreover, they have also found out that subject lines that have less than 10 characters will have more open rates than any other length.

The previous president of the U.S., Barrack Obama, had a subject line “Hey” and “Wow” to his email fundraising campaign and it did very well. It is the proof that emails’ subject line with lesser characters peak interest of your subscribers.

Furthermore, with the content, consumers want something they will have after opening your email. They want some information or any other thing that will really benefit them.

Best Time And Day

You have to know what is the best time and day to post your well-thought content. It does depend on your audience and subscribers but a research said that 8 in the evening is one of the best times to send an email. The office time, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is not really a good time to send an email. 8 p.m. has more click-throughs and open rates than those. Also, weekends have also better open rates and clickthroughs than the weekdays.

These are tested and proven email marketing strategies. However, it will still be better if you can experiment on your own. Having a different type of audience or subscribers will have a large impact on how well your open rates and click-throughs will be.

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