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November 11, 2013
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Too Legit to Quit: You’ve Got Tech Support Service

exitpointThe Internet is full of online shopping sites. Just type the words “online shopping” on Google search and you’ll be greeted by a ton of links that lead you to online shopping sprees for just about anything from shirts to cars. Some of them even boast an on-call customer support link on their sites, mind you.

With so many sites and vendors hawking their wares both online and at the mall, holiday shopping has never been so good. Even switching on the television will showcase some vacuum cleaners and cooking pans being sold via the Home Shopping Network.And just like their cyber counterparts, they have “after-sales service and support” as well.

But do they really? Some deals, they say, are just too good to be true. A Christmas tree that sells for $10 is a steal, of course. But what’s the catch? Are the instructions in some Martian language? Or are the parts stuck together using sweat? Can you call a tech support guy to help you out?

This is where having a well-trained, always on customer tech support service comes in. Sure, you can offer the lowest prices in the market—or on the planet for that matter. To put some credibility into the mix, however, making your presence felt and assuring your clients that you’ll be there for them even after the sale is the best way to sell a product or service. Apart from making those instructions as easy-to-understand and as legible as possible, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to print your Facebook page, email address, and toll-free hotline on the box and in the manual so customers can contact you for help.

This way, the chances of these clients coming back for more great and bargain products becomes greater. Remember that a satisfied, secure client is a potential loyal patron. One that won’t stick around just for the holidays but maybe even for life.

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