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April 16, 2012
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April 30, 2012
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The Business of Chatting

Wht ds LOL mean? R u a fan of IM? Wht abt txt?

If such language looks alien, then you’re probably not part of the millions of netizens who use Chat or Instant Messenger (IM). You may not even use your mobile phone to send text messages.

The popularity of Chat and IM has given rise to a whole new way of communicating—where we can “speak” with one another simply by tying a short message, and instantly getting a reply. Moreover, it has likewise spawned a new language—albeit one that many consider as “spelling gone berserk”.

With Live Chat services fast becoming a staple of many customer care call center facilities like handled by Customer Support Philippines, however, a lot of agents tend to use “chat language” when communicating with clients. While it’s understandable that it’s much easier to type in such a format, given the limited character space,  live agents much remember that it’s still business.

This means they should conduct themselves in a straightforward, yet light manner. This means sticking to the business or topic at hand, without being too stiff.

Moreover, live chat reps must keep in mind that many of their customers might not be familiar with the abbreviated chat language, particularly the “more mature set”.

It’s best, therefore to observe how a customer types their sentences. If they’re chat-savvy, engage their chat language. If not, then follow their lead. In short, keep them happy. This way, you’ll all have a reason to LOL. Oh, sorry, we mean “Laugh Out Loud”.

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