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June 3, 2013
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June 18, 2013
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Summer Is Here! So Is Tech Support For The Techie Teener

“No more classes, no more books, no more teachers, dirty looks”—sound familiar? Those of you old enough may recall a certain bunny named Bugs quip this line a few decades ago. Since then, it has been a favorite line of kids the world over—particularly when summer sets in.

But while school kids are free of schoolwork and teachers, they somehow become “slaves” to all the tech toys that are taking over the world today. And while many a kid may know a thing or two about how to outsmart that smartphone, there are still those who may need a bit of help. This is your time to shine, Mr. Entrepreneur—via your call center tech support service.

Summer is usually the time when all those online gaming “hook ups” take place. But let’s face it: the sad reality of life is that our internet isn’t perfect—it can bog down. Moreover, it can become terribly slow. So expect a call or three from a few teenagers who may seek the help of your customer support call center channel’s 24/7 service. Speaking of 24/7, you better be prepared to keep your team up all day and night as kids can stay up until the wee hours of forever playing those games.

There may likewise be a good number of kids who aren’t gamers, yet use such gadgets as the smartphone, instant messaging, and even a high-definition television or two. So keep your toll-free hotlines, call center live chat, tech support email and Twitter accounts, and other portals easily accessible at all times. You’ll never know when some kid may need help configuring that new toy he received from his folks, thanks to his excellent report card.

So the next time Bugs quips another smart-aleck remark about summer, get ready to beef up that customer support team. It’s the best way to avoid those dirty looks—and other unpleasant comments from your clients.

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