Holiday Tech Support: Helping to Keep The Kid in Us Alive
October 23, 2012
For Kids-Only Tech Support: A Great Way to Spread Holiday Cheer
November 9, 2012
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Santa’s Little Tech Helper

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Whether you believe that the Jolly Old St. Nick truly exists and lives in the North Pole (or not), we’re pretty sure that you’ve at least heard a story or two about the man. And you’re aware that he goes around the world on Christmas Eve to deliver presents to kids. Moreover, he’s got eight reindeer and more than a few Elves to help him out.

Did you know that your toy store, particularly your customer tech support call center, can likewise be a part of Santa’s workforce?

Yes, your tech support contact center telephone agents can help a child who just got a new toy computer from Santa, yet can’t seem to work the thing. A quick call from Dad to your customer supportcall center service can be the ticket to a phone rep giving father and son a step-by-step tutorial on how the computer works—and even throw in a few more tips.

Then there’s anothercustomer service call center support rep who can facilitate exchanging a cooking set that, on a rare occasion, didn’t work. This can save Aunt Betty—who was “asked” by Santa to give Sarah her present—a long (and oftentimes pointless) argument on the mall’s customer service counter.

So come on and make a child happy—be Santa’s tech helper. Dressing up as an Elf is optional.


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