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Powerful Habits Top Notch Call Center Agents Possess

Good news for business owners who wish to outsource their operations to call centers and BPO companies: top notch call center agents can be found in every call center. These exceptional agents distinguish themselves from the rest of their colleagues by their attitude, confidence, habits and skills. Collectively, these four qualities helps them achieve their career goals, such as being the first choice candidates for office promotions and recognition.   

While all these contribute to their successful career growth, it is these call center agents’ habits that ultimately shape their career development path because it affects every little thing they do, from attendance to work performance. If you are looking for call center agents to support your business, it would be best if you can work with those who practice these habits daily.  These are the five habits of top notch call center agents:

  1. Habit of showing up on time. Reporting for work on time is one of the top notch call center agents’ habits that speaks volumes about their values. It is an indication of their commitment to their company, love for their job, respect for colleagues, superiors and clients whom they serve. Top notch call center agents recognize their work is important and that people around the world depend on their assistance. They know that it takes time to log-in to their computer system and open the necessary programs they need to complete their tasks, so arriving late is personally unacceptable. This habit is a sure sign of professionalism and self-discipline, which are prerequisites for a successful career.
  2. Habit of building positive relationships with everyone. Top notch call center agents know they are a part of a team, and their words and deeds affirm this. They actively build good relationships with everyone – from their fellow agents up to their CEO. They do not engage in gossip and unprofessional acts that can hurt their office mate’s feelings and damage their reputation. They are team-players who are always willing to help their fellow agents.
  3. Habit of asking questions and learning from the experts. One of the top notch call center agents’ habits revolves around a thirst for knowledge. These agents are humble enough to ask for help from their fellow teammates or team leaders when needed. They also take the initiative to learn more about how they can improve on their job by reading books and educational articles and applying what they have learned.  
  4. Habit of doing more than is expected of them. Top notch call center agents do not deliver a mediocre service to their clients. They go beyond the minimum requirements of their tasks and ensure every customer interaction is of the highest quality. For example, when a customer calls for troubleshooting assistance, they will not only forward the call to the appropriate IT expert, but also follow-up on the status of their troubleshooting experience soon after.
  5. Habit of listening emphatically to customers before responding. Paying full attention to what the customer is saying and feeling what they feel enables top notch call center agents to deliver a more effective, personal and sincere service to their customer. These agents never interrupt nor rush their customer to finish speaking, so they are able to assist them in the best way possible.  

These top notch call center agents’ habits are factors for the call center’s growth and their own personal success.

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