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September 14, 2015
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Outsourcing Tech Support to the Philippines (Software & Hardware)

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Outsourcing technical support is becoming increasingly worthwhile in today’s business environment than ever before. The globalization of technical support requires evolving core expertise and finding innovative ways to efficiently manage business processes. With technology products growing more complex, a plethora of challenges comes along with it. The use of technology products requires the expertise of technical support to help users through its routinely accompanied technical problems.

The proliferation of call centers reflects the increasing demand for technical support. Call center companies meet the challenge of providing excellent technical support through significant cost savings, expanded talent pools and 24/7 efficiency in a round-the-clock operation. In most cases, call center companies offer information management solutions and rule-based systems to rapidly find solutions to complex problems.

Benefits of outsourcing technical support

Outsourcing technical support services is not just about tapping external resources to reduce the cost or provide quality, it’s about finding the perfect business partner that speaks your brand and retains customer loyalty. The Philippines has proven its capabilities in providing superior tech support in some of the world’s largest companies and businesses.

Consider the numerous factors that have long-term effects for your business and more importantly, think about where to outsource your tech support services.


Factors for outsourcing technical support

  • Cost-effective tech support services – When you outsource, it entails reducing your overhead and infrastructure costs. The cost of hiring your own tech support team can lead to financial strain on your budget. By outsourcing your tech support to a call center company, you handle tech support initiatives with optimal cost. Global companies who experience working with tech support in the Philippines have not only dramatically reduced costs but generated profits as well.
  • Better focus on core business competencies – Outsourcing plays an important role for businesses wanting to provide excellent customer service without compromising their core functions. Rather than dividing your time and resources to effectively handle tech support service, you can concentrate on what matters most: make your business successful. At the same time, your outsourced tech support team can collaborate with you in strengthening your business growth. Most call center companies in the Philippines are flexibly structured to provide tech support you require for your business.
  • Expertise in handling technical concerns – Due to the level of difficulty in managing technical support, a higher level of service quality is required to solve complex problems. A technical support call center offers time-tested methods in delivering comprehensive support. In the Philippines, a dedicated workforce with in-depth understanding of technology products and information systems are capable of working with international clients and businesses.
  • People-centric support for customers – While good technical support is based on resolving technical issues, it also requires people-oriented approach especially when dealing with customers who feel overwhelmed and frustrated by these issues. An outsourced tech support agent is skilled can provide empathy and sensitivity in helping customers resolve issues. This is opposed to the idea of having humans rather than an automated internet service to get the job done. Outsourcing technical support to the Philippines ensures your business with hands-on customer care and deeper level of rapport.


Difference between software and hardware technical support

Software Tech Support

Majority of software products are accompanied by technical support to help users through the problems that routinely accompany the installation and use of any complex technical product.  These software products are aimed at certain niche markets where knowledge of the specifics of a niche is essential to provide good support service.

Software support services typically include remote troubleshooting, product capabilities, installation assistance and usage assistance. No matter what a call center company provides its services for—supporting specific applications or having full tech support services—clients of your business expect your product to work. When clients experience issues with your software product, you know how important it is to provide immediate resolution to prevent negative feedback or software returns.

Call center companies provide 24-hour voice and online assistance since technical problems usually occur after-business hours.  Highly trained tech support agents assist in software issues via phone, chat and/or email.

Hardware Tech Support

Hardware support addresses all aspects of hardware-related management issues including desktops, laptops, printers, fax machines, scanners, projectors and similar equipment. There are always going to be critical issues with the hardware and it would sometimes put a pressure in your business—reduced productivity, data loss and unplanned high service costs.

Call center companies offer 24/7 hardware support so businesses can keep its optimal level up and running. These hardware tech support services include diagnosing and resolving hardware problems, installing and configuring all hardware components, providing product and usage support, troubleshooting and providing technology direction.

Technical support services, help desk and trouble shooting are efficiently segmented by tiers of services. there are also custom options depending on the company who wish to outsource. often times, the companies outsourcing will have a specific customer support structure. To start outsourcing please inquire about our technical support service.


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