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October 13, 2015
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Outsourcing Inside Sales to Philippine Agents

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Inside sales today has evolved. Huge deals that are more intricate and higher volume sales are being done through inside sales. If your business has not moved inside yet, consider outsourcing.

Outsource sales? You may ask. Yes, an outsourced sales team can close deals for you and can address special market expansion, promotions, turnover and increase of productivity. These providers are experts at inside sales and it can be the surefire method so that you could introduce inside selling into your business. You need to recognize that establishing clear objectives, providing through sales and product training will be needed to ensure success.

Outsourcing an inside sales team has numerous benefits such as access to world-class capabilities, increased control of quality and productivity, improved company focus, reduced operating costs, and reduced risk.


Outsourcing a call Center for Sales

You need to assess your options in considering the best location of your outsourcing provider. The main reason you are thinking about outsourcing your inside sales boils down to one thing: cost-effectivity.

As the world’s #1 for call center outsourcing (LA Times), In the Philippines, you will find that the sales team are affordable and nevertheless, talented staff. Philippine call center agents actually get a decent pay while your company gets big savings on quality results. This country produces experts in qualifying leads and handling large volume of calls, emails or chats. For years, the Philippines has been the leading destination for outsourced inside sales. Read more: Philippines as an offshore outsourcing destination.

Here are the other strong qualities of inside sales agents in the Philippines:

• First choice call center location

Filipinos have confidence in speaking and understanding English since the country is the third largest English-speaking nation in the world. They have the set of skills that surely meet an employer’s level of expectations. They are trained to speak and comprehensively trained across several industries. Call centers in the Philippines are flexible and adaptable due to their diverse roster of B2B clients.

The Philippines is said to be the best outsourcing location outside North America. The accent of Filipinos is almost similar to its American counterpart. Culturally, Filipinos are well suited to doing business with English-speaking countries, like US, UK and Australia, as their ability to resemble to accents and their level of comprehension can even surpass than those of India or those in China or Eastern Europe.

• Tech savvy; knowledgeable agents

Filipinos are tech savvy agents (read: outsourcing tech support) who are sought after by outsourcing companies around the world not only because they can flawlessly operate different tech devices, but also because they possess skills that are unique to their generation. These skills include quick adaptation to changes relating to technology, ease of absorbing new information and ability to utilize information effectively.

The country has providers with experience and business acumen to generate actionable sales leads by employing our inside sales outsourcing services and it can result in customer satisfaction and client loyalty in your business.

Call centers in the Philippines employ professionals who are graduates of IT and who have the experience from the tech world, so they are able to convey specific messages concerning managed services top high ranking executives in a manner that will rouse their interest. They are also updated with tech-related news so they can potentially contribute to improving the work process within your company.

• Highly motivated to do a good job

Filipino call center agents will go all out to impress you with their sales numbers. That’s partly because, after all, performing well for you company makes them more valuable to your company. These agents make sure that your company achieves sales boost and the Philippine sales team can surely help in winning raises, recognition and career advancement for their staff. Call center agents from the Philippines are intelligent, energetic and goal-oriented individuals. They do everything they can to create a enlivening work atmosphere and profitmaking environment presumably because of their sympathetic nature and teamwork attitude.

• Productivity

Companies around the world have optimized their productivity by outsourcing much of their inside sales to the Philippines.

According to a study done in US, the Philippines ranks as the top country with outstanding agent productivity in the Asian region. Philippine agents deal with an average of 98 inbound and 107 outbound calls per day. Just remember that in order for Philippine agents and employees in general to maintain productivity, they must feel that they can contribute greatly to your business and have an impact in every task they do.


Outsourcing Inside Sales for the Best Return

In terms of your business’ productivity, your outsourced agents in the Philippines can reach your company after your work hours, on weekends or on holidays. They can also handle high volume of inquiries even during peak seasons, making your sales leads open for 24/7.

If you’ve been wondering if outsourcing inside sales to the Philippines would work for you, it would be good to research Philippine inside sales providers and give them a call to discuss your needs. Be sure to look for a Philippine outsourcing firm with B2B experience related to your industry, along with impressive case studies and a strong background of sales success in call center business. Select a partner in the Philippines that exhibits all the crucial qualities discussed above, and watch your sales go through the roof.


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