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Let The Orders Come In! Outsource Order Taking Service To Accommodate Them All

It is an experience that majority of consumers have gone through.

Their feeling of excitement with the thought of buying a product vanishes after calling the retail store hotline number to place an order, only to hear a busy tone. It turns into frustration when they are being passed around by a staff who have no idea how to properly accommodate a customer. Their frustration turns into a negative experience when they felt that they have only time while waiting for someone to answer the phone.

We have great news for these consumers, as well as the retail store owners who wish to blaze a different, more positive trail of order taking than this.

Outsourcing an order-taking service is, by far, the most cost-effective strategy for business owners to improve their quality of customer experience particularly during the order-taking point of their journey.

Retail stores, in particular, can benefit from an outsourced order taking service.

Many retail stores function with a limited number of staff, who are all pre-occupied in doing certain tasks such as checking the store inventory, attending to customers, and maintaining the store’s aesthetic and cleanliness. Some of these retail stores may have designated order-takers, but their number is usually not enough to accommodate the deluge of incoming phone calls from customers, particularly during high peak season and sale periods.

That’s when the unpleasant scenario described above takes place.

And one by one, your once-excited customers grow annoyed and tired from waiting, and decide to postpone their order at a later date, which sometimes never comes. Or, they experience a poor customer service from your staff who are too busy in performing their in-store responsibilities that they fail to attend professionally to your customers on the other end of the line, who are already willing to purchase your products.  

Either way, this leaves your customers frustrated and your business with a poor customer service reputation.

But an outsourced order taking service is proven to prevent these undesirable circumstances from happening.


First, it opens your doors to experienced order-taking agents. These agents are knowledgeable not just in the rudiments of the order-taking transaction but also in professional telephone etiquette. Their superior customer service and communication skills is guaranteed to delight your customers during their order-taking experience while simultaneously improving your company’s image.

Their focus and dedication to the task of taking orders also carries a major benefit for your customers. Because they are concentrating on simply taking your customers’ orders, instead of your retail store’s staff who are burdened with other responsibilities, your outsourced order-taking agents are in a better position to deliver a faster, more efficient, and positive order-taking service to your customers.

Another major benefit of outsourcing your retail store’s order-taking service to the experts is they offer round-the-clock availability. That means regardless of whether your retail store is open or closed due to bad weather or off-store hours, your customers are assured of having a professional agent who will take their orders accurately whenever they call your hotline number.

Outsourcing an order-taking service stretches not only your business’ hours of operation but also increases every other aspect of your business’ performance, except for the cost.

Increased customer satisfaction? Check.

Improved customer loyalty and retention rates? Check.

Higher sales and profits? Check.

All for lower operational costs? Check.

Accommodate all of your customers’ orders by outsourcing a reliable order taking service! Contact us now!

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