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July 16, 2012
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July 30, 2012
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Options Included: How Options Can Boost Customer Support

Buying a new car often involves ticking a list of optional extras. Not only does this give an often budget friendly-yet-bare-bones vehicle a bit more “street cred”, it likewise allows the new owner to have a say on how s/he wants to personal that shiny new ride.

Did you know that giving your customers options can be an excellent way to keep them happy? This is especially true for your Personal Home décor and appliance shop’s Customer Support service. Why, you ask?

Consider Ms. Haze, who calls up your customer call center hotline to ask for help on a new water heater she recently bought. After explaining that it won’t work and asking for a replacement unit, she’s informed that this won’t be possible because that model has been phased out. And that’s that. This naturally leaves her with no choice, but to write off your shop for the rest of her waking life.

To save the client relationship, however, why not offer to check the unit out. This way, you can find out what the problem is. This allows you to assess what can be done—whether to simply replace the failing part, or replace it with an equivalent unit.

Whatever you do, put forward possible options for your customer to choose from. And never leave them high and dry. This way, they’ll feel that they have a say in the resolution process.

In the end, you’ll have more “customer cred” than before.

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