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Customer Support In Different Languages: How A Call Center In The Philippines Can Handle Multilingual Support

Although English is the highly used language when it comes to business, there are certain markets that do not speak it. Business owners wanting to enter that market may have to do changes so that they can get those markets. They invest in multilingual customer support. Communicating with your customers in the language that they are comfortable with is a huge leap in getting their attention and make them come to you.


Multilingual Services Offered

Magellan Solutions Inc. has multilingual customer support and it offers a variety of services under this. Topping the list would be customer support. Aside from that, you can expect multilingual services in:

• live chat
• order taking
• email response
• 24-hour help desk
• other back office jobs


Top Languages Covered In Contact Centers

Aside from English, you can find a variety of languages in the multilingual customer support services branch of Magellan Solutions Inc. The BPO company in the Philippines also offers support in:

• French
• German
• Mandarin
• Cantonese
• Japanese
• Italian
• Spanish
• Korean
• Bahasa Indonesia
• Bahasa Malaysia
• Thai

Choosing to outsource to us would help your business take huge steps and achieve goals.

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