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July 9, 2013
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July 30, 2013
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Maximize the Power of Social Tech Support

“The power of media” was once the key phrase when describing how influential print, television, and radio are when it came to issues and advertising. With the internet and Facebook growing by leaps and bounds each day, the by-word has name become “the power of social media”. Yes, Facebook and Twitter have become such valuable tools that a lot of companies now use them to the hilt—even when it comes to their tech support services.

Yes, you read that right: social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter have become part and parcel of more than a fair number of companies’ customer service channels. Samsung has a very dynamic Facebook page that doesn’t just advertise its latest Galaxy Smartphones and cameras; it likewise serves as a platform where customers can get help on certain tech-related questions. But why make clients Tweet their woes when they can simply call it in via your call center, you ask?

The answer to that lies exactly within the question itself: having more than one channel makes it extremely easy for customers to reach your tech support team.

A customer who desperately needs help on how to configure his camera for that upcoming road trip need not be constrained to using just the toll-free service; he can simply Tweet for help—even when on the go.

Once you get the Tweet, it is best to respond to it in a timely manner—as if you were speaking to the person himself via a telephone representative. Not only is this a great way to stave off negative comments that may pop up every now and then about slow customer service, it will show the whole world that you are indeed a responsive and caring company. And remember that there are potentially millions of people “watching” via the social network. Now, isn’t that a great PR move as well?

Want to provide top-quality customer support? Just go social and you’re on your way.

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