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April 23, 2012
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May 7, 2012
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Manners Matter

It hits you like a freight train and knocks you off your feet. The mere sight of this vision makes your heart flutter. You think to yourself “she’s an angel, a vision of heaven on earth”.

As the vision of the beautiful lady takes an appetizer and puts it in her mouth, however, your cloud-like demeanor comes crashing to earth—hard! This pretty lady suddenly started chewing on those finger foods—as if they were potato chips, with an open-mouth, to boot.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, manners do matter.

The same can be said for your friendly telephone representative in a customer support call center. A potential customer inquiring about your clothing boutique’s latest “fashion trend’s collection” offers may look different elsewhere simply because she got turned off by your customer service agent’s manners—or lack thereof.

As a thriving business owner, you need to constantly remind your call center staff to mind their manners when dealing with customers. Telephone reps, for instance, must always make it a point to answer calls with a cheery and positive demeanor. Get those “bad day blues” out of the way and let the sunshine radiate in your voice.

More importantly, always answer courteously and respectfully—no matter how irritating your client may be. Don’t stoop down to their level. Instead, rise above it and show them that you don’t only have the best products, but the best team handing those products as well.

So mind those manners and make customers’ visions of a great product a reality.

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