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October 1, 2012
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October 12, 2012
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Make It Easy On Your Customers: Avoid The Geek-Speak

Have you ever had a Chemistry teacher from hell?You know, the kind who rattles on and on with all those formulas and periodic table elements without giving a hoot whether or not his or her students are able to cope with the lesson, let alone understand what’s being said.

Fortunately, your customer support call center team can do much better than those teachers that everyone loves to hate. How?

By simply speaking in a language that most everyone can easily understand, especially when explaining highly-technical stuff.Instead of asking a customer who can’t seem to start his computer whether his system has “booted up”, for instance, why not simply ask if his laptop has already “started running”? By the same token, it would be even better if you were to describe what he should be viewing on his monitor, err, screen.

The trick for your customer call center representativesis to avoid using too much technical jargon and try to use simple everyday words. If tech-speak cannot be avoided, try to accompany these with visual description.

Better yet, give them a simple step-by-step lesson on how to work the process. Don’t dredge up nightmares of high school chemistry class with too much tech mumbo-jumbo.

Translate the geek-speak into simple everyday words. Your customers will love you for it.


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