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July 9, 2012
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July 23, 2012
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Keep Your Promises (And Don’t Make Lofty Ones You Can’t Keep)

“Promises are made to be broken”, they say. Whoever coined this term most likely didn’t have Customer Support in mind.

Handling a customer support call center facility, involves a lot of crucial things—keeping a promise being one of them. Your growing electronics depot can “make or break” its business and customer relations via a single promise.

Take the case of a defective tablet that was sold recently. After a quick call to your customer care support center, Jay was told by a telephone rep that yes, his demand for a replacement unit will be granted. After a month’s wait, however, he never heard from your company—despite incessant follow-ups.

Avoiding such a business-breaker can actually be as simple as keeping a few rules in mind. First of all, don’t make a promise just to please a customer’s demand. If you simply cannot meet their request—for a replacement unit, for instance—just be honest and say that it isn’t possible.

Don’t stop there, though. You might want to offer a few “reasonable” options. Moreover, make sure that you can deliver such options. While this may not be what they wanted in the first place, at least they see that you’re doing your best to fix the problem.

In the end, keeping that promise—no matter how small—can be great for business.

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