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October 22, 2013
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Is It True That a Refund Can Be A Tech Support Move?

refund-productRefund—the word alone can send shivers down any businessman’s spine. This seemingly simple six-letter word actually translates to one of the hardest and most bitter pills any business entity has to swallow. Did you know, though, that giving a refund might be one great customer support initiative?

Imagine your car accessories dealer bringing out a new set of HID headlights. Apart from the new product, you’ve likewise rolled out a new, 24/7 customer support call center that gives clients the assurance that they can reach you for any concerns, day or night. Way to move towards greater things, right?

One day, Ken Winslet, a long-time Englishman client of yours calls up to complain that the new HID system you offered him suddenly conked out. You offer to check it out and ask him to bring in his car so you can examine the problem more thoroughly. He, however, says no and wants a complete refund, citing that he paid a premium and expected only the best; besides, his trusted that you won’t stiff him on such deals.

Oh dear, you’re now in a tight predicament. Let’s face it: No firm wants to refund as much as possible as it doesn’t just mean having to return earnings, but likewise means being stuck with defective inventory. What do you do, then?

As mentioned earlier, giving a refund might just be the better customer support move. Sure, you might lose a few bucks (or in this case, a few hundreds). And yes, being stuck with useless headlights is a real pain.

Yet nothing can be worse than losing a customer—especially a long-time friend of the company. Even if it’s a new client, a client is still a valuable asset—without them, your company wouldn’t exist. And hey, even Apple offered to refund its Australian clients after they complained that the tech giant had duped them for falsely advertising that its iPad had 4G capability, when in fact, such a system only worked in North America.

So don’t take that refund too hard. Who knows? That customer tech support pill might just be best-tasting medicine after all.


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