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Improving UX Through An Outsourced Technical Support

Customers always expect the best from businesses and companies. UX or user experience design is the one that is responsible for improving that part of business. But what exactly is UX?

What is UX or User Experience Design?

UX is the process that improves all aspects of user’s experience regarding a product. Whether it is about its usability, accessibility, or design and its interaction with the user, it is all related to user experience design.

It also goes more than what the conventional human-computer interaction can be. It deals with all the problems a product can encounter through its production. It uses the point of view of the user so it will be more accurate.

What Are The Elements Of UX?

There are many components and disciplines in user experience design.

Visual design

This UX department is concerned with the overall outer look and surface of the product. It is also known as graphic design, user interface design, communication design, and visual communication. It usually deals with colors, images, symbols, and visual effects it shows to customers.

Information architecture

This element of UX has three sub-elements:

  1.     Navigation design – this element is responsible for the outer navigation system of the product.
  2.     Structuring, organization, and labeling – this part of information architecture is where data and information are trimmed down to basic levels. Then, they are connected to each other for the product and design to work. Lastly, the labeling is where the navigation and other process in the product is labeled into terms that the users will understand.
  3.     Finding and managing – these two are the most crucial part of UX. They are in charge of the find ability and the readiness of the information in the product. Users usually want easy-access products and that’s what companies are doing.
Interaction design

This discipline of UX contributes in creating pleasurable experience with the product, as well as portraying its effectiveness. In the interaction design, consistency, patterns, behavior, and intuitiveness are the main concerns.


Accessibility is the main role of this department. Usability kicks in if many users can achieve their goals by using the product. It is directly connected to user experience because it assesses the knowledge of the user or the consumer in using a product

Human–computer interaction

This interface is specifically about the evaluation and implementation of the effect of the surroundings of the users to a specific product.

These things are usually not understood by normal people who aren’t fond of technology although they still need it in their daily life or at work. More often than not, they encounter problems with a specific product or technology they use. Now, companies are supposed to answer all their questions about their products. But how exactly a company can answer thousands and thousands of customers?

How Can Technical Support Improve UX

First off, what is technical support? Technical support or tech support is a range of services offered by BPO companies. They provide assistance to users of technology such as smartphones, televisions, computers, software products, or other electronic or mechanical products.

Most times, technical support is offered by companies that sell the products itself, whether internal or outsourced. It can be through live chat, email, website, or social media sites. However, there are times that the internet can provide answer to many tech-related questions.

Technical support is the best answer to improve UX if the product is out already and being distributed. Outsourcing a tech support to help with UX is normal. Most companies do it. They further improve the usability, accessibility, and the available information about the certain technology that the consumers need.

For all tech support needs, you may contact us!

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