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How To Win Clients With Good Online Customer Service


Providing a superior quality of customer service online is a critical success factor for businesses. Regardless of whether you manage a traditional brick and mortar store or an e-commerce business, delighting your customers through an online platform is a proven way to win them and earn their loyalty.

But with so many online customer service tips and strategies to choose from, how do you know which ones actually work? Don’t worry because we’ve gathered the best online customer service tips for you to get you started. These are the most effective ways to help you win customers with good online customer service:

1. Ask customers about their online experience.
Many business owners forget that the most important and relevant authority on customer service is no other than their customer. To know whether you are delivering a good quality of customer service online, all you need to do is ask them. For example, asking their feedback after completing their online transaction will give you a first-hand report on their customer satisfaction level and your areas for improvement. It is also a proven way to make your customers feel valued because you took the time to ask their opinions and ideas on how you can serve them better.

2. Deliver quick and quality resolutions.
Online customers can be demanding at times, and understandably so. After all, they are in a platform synonymous with instantaneous results. Offering immediate assistance to your online customers through live chat is an opportunity to wow them with your customer service. This can also prevent them from being distracted or clicking to your competitors’ site. According to an ATG Global Consumer Trend study, 90% of customers believe it is a helpful tool, while an emarketer.com survey reported 38% surveyed customers actually pushed through with their transaction owing to the live chat itself. However, the quality of the assistance must never be sacrificed for speed. Correct, simple, easy to understand answers to their questions are sure to win them over.

3. Utilize customer-specific data to deliver a personalized service.
Online platforms are generic by nature, but if you want to leave a memorable impression on your customers, personalize the service you provide by using their customer information. Simply referring to your customers by name throughout your online communication makes a big difference to them. Level up your service by upselling or cross-selling products they recently viewed or included in their wish list. Giving your customers that extra attention and detail will go a long way in earning their trust.

4. Acknowledge your customer and say thank you.
A simple thank you message at the end of every transaction is a hallmark of excellent customer service. But whether your customer just browsed your site or actually bought something, acknowledging them with a thank you and follow–up message will make them feel noticed and special. This simple act also shows you value them and their business, which is a core ingredient for a successful customer conversion and retention.

Applying these proven customer service tips to your online efforts can help you win more customers, improve your brand reputation and increase your bottom line.

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