Did You Know That Competent Care Can Improve Tech Support?
October 8, 2013
Did You Know: Tech Support Can Improve Client Relations?
October 22, 2013
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Here are a Few Tips to Improve Tech Support

If you know your customer service history, you’re probably aware that the company-client relationship used to be a “handshake” affair—the handshake symbolizing that the deal has been done. Whether it was a product sold or an agreed-upon price to fix the dishwasher, this face-to-face, physical contact type of service was the way to go. With the advent of technology and the call center, however, vital services like customer tech support were brought to the virtual realm.

There’s really nothing wrong with such a set-up, mind you. In fact, the tech support contact center can even help bring in more clients as anyone from anywhere can avail of help for their aftersales needs and woes. But alas, with so many service centers cropping up, how can your company’s own helpdesk unit stay ahead of the next guy?

Well, you’re in luck as there are ways to become a truly top-notch customer care service that many patrons will come to, and even come back to for their needs. One way to get started is to ensure that your front-liners—your tech support agents—are well-trained and know the products, services, and whatnot by heart—and not just by memory. This will help “lost clients” feel secure with the thought that they’re being “led by the right person” towards finding out why that new phone won’t receive text messages.

Beyond knowledge, what’s more important is being warm and friendly. A caring personality makes life a lot easier—especially when confused about what’s plaguing one’s computer system. Moreover, this helps build the all-important trust factor—again, the assurance that they can count on you and your team to help solve their tech problems.

Of course, getting the problem solved is likewise part of the tech desk equation. This means having an open line to both the inside and outside worlds. The outside line—via toll-free hotlines, live chat, email, and even Twitter—gives your clients a vital link to the help they can get from you. The inside line, meanwhile, makes it easier to coordinate with the various departments of your office, just in case they may need to be called in to help fix the dreaded computer glitch your customer has been complaining about.

Yes, going virtual via that customer tech support service is great—and is actually the way to go nowadays. Just try to keep these simple tips in mind and you could be on your way to winning more clients than you could ever imagine.

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